New Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Tablets are displayed during a launch event in New York. Photograph: Reuters

Amazon. com has ramped up its push into hardware with the debut of six new or upgraded devices, including a high-end $199 (€154) e-reader called the (...)

German media conglomerate Axel Springer will partner with Politico, the Washington political news publication, to create a European edition of the online publication. Photograph: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

Politico, the online Washington political news publication, is to partner with the German media conglomerate Axel Springer to create a European editio(...)

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: ‘Can you improve upon something as highly evolved and well-suited to its task as the book? And if so, how?’ Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

In a garage outside Seattle 20 years ago this summer a one-time Wall Street trader called Jeff Bezos made a decision that would change the retail w(...)

Jeff Bezos, chief executive  of Amazon: “Broadcasting and watching gameplay is a global phenomenon, and Twitch has built a platform that brings together tens of millions of people.” Photographer: Mike Kane/Bloomberg

For years now, we have heard how the really big video game releases, the Grand Theft Autos and Halos, rival the big Hollywood blockbusters in terms of(...)

Amazon wasn’t the only bidder for the video game service. It’s understood that Google and Twitch were in talks earlier this year on a transaction that valued Twitch at about $1 billion. Photograph: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Jeff Bezos is ramping up Amazon. com ’s entertainment ambitions, buying video-game service Twitch Interactive in one of its biggest-ever acquisitions(...)

Jeff Bezos, chief executive officer of Amazon: has made video games a focus of a strategy to add more entertainment services. Photographer: Mike Kane/Bloomberg

Jeff Bezos is ramping up Amazon’s entertainment ambitions, buying video service Twitch Interactive. for about $1 billion (€758 million) in its biggest(...)

Slow lane: Amazon has delayed delivery of Hachette titles from its warehouses while it puts pressure on the publisher to change its terms. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

When Waterstones opened its first US store, in 1991, the historian Robert Massie told a packed Boston audience at one of our first events: “You do rea(...)

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who is testing the patience of investors after earnings missed analysts’ estimates for a second straight quarter. Photo: Getty Images

Jeff Bezos is testing the patience of investors after Amazon. com missed analysts’ estimates for a second straight quarter, sending shares tumbling 10(...)

The Forbes family, an emblem of American wealth and pioneer of business journalism, is giving up control over the media empire it cultivated for almos(...)

The Fire phone. Photograph: Mike Kane/Bloomberg

From $199The news that Amazon was launching a smartphone shouldn’t have come as any surprise to those who have even half an eye on the tech press. Bef(...)