French foreign affairs minister Laurent Fabius (bottom left) reacts as deputies applaud  at the National Assembly in Paris on Wednesday.  Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters

The National Assembly approved French president François Hollande’s constitutional revision on Wednesday by a vote of 317 deputies for, 199 against a(...)

French president Francois Hollande watches as prime minister Manuel Valls leaves after their meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris yesterday. Photograph: John Schults/Reuters

By dissolving his government yesterday, for the second time, French president François Hollande salvaged his authority and cut short criticism of his (...)

French prime minister Manuel Valls delivers his address on policy to the Assemblee Nationale in Paris yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Ian Langsdon

Manuel Valls had to shout to be heard above the booing and heckling from opposition benches, which continued throughout the new French prime mi(...)

Manuel Valls (51) has been compared with “New Labour” former British premier Tony Blair both for his pro-business ideas and his dashing style.  Photograph: Reuters

French president François Hollande chose centrist interior minister Manuel Valls as his new prime minister yesterday, a coalition source said, (...)

A French citizen casts his ballot at a polling station in Nice during the French mayoral elections today. Photograph: Eric Gaillard/Reuters.

French president Francois Hollande’s Socialists braced for losses in hundreds of towns and villages in mayoral elections today, with far-right(...)

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy: “Who could have imagined that, in 2014 in France, the right to privacy would be violated by telephone taps?” Photograph: Reuters/Benoit Tessier

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday retaliated against magistrates who are inve(...)

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault came clean on Tuesday night. Photograph: EPA

For two weeks, French socialists had been rubbing their hands with glee. In the run-up to the first round of nationwide municipal elections on (...)

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy: datebooks are relevant to several financial scandals in which he is under investigation. Photograph: Reuters/Eric Gaillard

In yet another setback for the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the Court of Cass(...)

French President Francois Hollande:  “We have paid the price in weak growth and a succession of redundancy plans.” Photograph: EPA

French president François Hollande has pledged to cut public spending, lower taxes and reduce labour costs for business in a bid to convince a sceptic(...)

France has decided to maintain a ban on Muslim headscarves for volunteer school monitors despite a warning that it overstepped the law requiring religious neutrality in the public service.

France has decided to maintain a ban on Muslim headscarves for volunteer school monitors despite a warning that it overstepped the law requiring relig(...)