The Oireachtas banking inquiry will spend this month trawling through some of the contradictory evidence provided by witnesses questioned during its e(...)

Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm who has declined to attend the banking inquiry in person. Photograph: The Irish Times

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has urged David Drumm to co-operate fully with the Oireachtas banking inquiry. Members of the inquiry will discuss next week whe(...)

Minister of Finance Michael Noonan. Photograph: Sara Freund/The Irish Times

The Minister for Finance’s distinct lack of enthusiasm for sending Nama officials north to answer questions about Project Eagle is in marked contrast (...)

Former taoiseach Brian Cowen said he did not believe Patrick Honohan was one of those briefing against Ireland. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

EU institutions sought to bounce Ireland into a bailout programme in late 2010 by providing selective leaks to international media, former taoiseach B(...)

Brian Cowen giving evidence before the Oireachtas banking inquiry on Wednesday, July 8th  Brian Cowen giving evidence before the Oireachtas banking inquiry on Wednesday, July 8th

Former Taoiseach Brian Cowen has said there was no intention to mislead the Irish public about the Government’s talks with the EU and IMF on a bailout(...)

The note on the Merkel phone call in 2011

German chancellor Angela Merkel admitted in a 2011 phone call that Greek debt would be unsustainable even after a second debt write-down, according to(...)

Customers queue outside a branch of Northern Rock in Kingston upon Thames, UK, during a bank run in 2007 sparked during a credit crisis at the time. File photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Central Bank of Ireland governor Patrick Honohan took to the airwaves on November 18th, 2010, to inform the public that Ireland would enter discussion(...)

Former minister for finance Brian Lenihan preferred nationalisation over blanket guarantee, according to former secretary general of the Department of Finance David Doyle.

Legislation to nationalise Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide was ready to be used on the night of the bank guarantee, the banking inquiry has bee(...)

Banking inquiry: The committee received a boost as the Government agreed to lift Cabinet confidentiality rules to allow a key witness, the former attorney general Paul Gallagher, to give evidence. Photograph: Getty Images

The alleged leaking of confidential correspondence from the Oireachtas banking inquiry is to be investigated by gardaí. The committee met in private s(...)

Finance official Kevin Cardiff. Mr Cardiff has submitted a report to the Oireachtas banking inquiry containing his assessment of the events surrounding the bank guarantee and bailout. Photograph: Courtpix

Kevin Cardiff’s submission to the Oireachtas banking inquiry brings a new perspective to the turmoil which brought Ireland’s banks and then the State (...)