Artificial intelligence: Alicia Vikander as Ava in Ex_Machina, also starring Domhnall Gleeson

Let’s play a game, a brief intelligence test. Task 1: I have K at my K1, and no other pieces. You have only K at K6 and R at R1. It is your move. Tell(...)

This book by the philosopher and computer scientist Jaron Lanier could be characterised as his Summa Technologiae. It is probably not as easy a read a(...)

Google Inc branded candy on display inside the company’s offices in Berlin, Germany. The European Court of Justice ruled last week that Google and other search engines can be forced to remove search results.  Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

The Right to Be Forgotten. It sounds like the title of a classic novel about desire and memory, perhaps Marcel Proust’s sequel to Remembrance of Th(...)

A general view of the Dublin web summit, which is  being held at the RDS in Dublin this week. Photograph: PA

Wish I were there, with all of you in Dublin. Was invited this year, but couldn’t make it work this time.The tech world loves Ireland. And I hope Irel(...)

Jaron Lanier worries a lot. In his book Who Owns the Future?, the dreadlocked digital pioneer, who has an infectious, high-pitched laugh, worries a(...)