Where pollinators can flourish: a blackthorn in flower. Illustration: Michael Viney

It looked like a miniature bumblebee, about the size of my little fingernail. Then, lifting from a starry blue flower no bigger than itself, the furry(...)

Most bees prefer plants which have flowers at the blue, purple and pink end of the colour spectrum, while plants like clover and knapweed are particularly successful at attracting them. File photograph: Natural England/PA Wire

Ireland’s motorways and railways are to be “rewilded” to create bee highways in an attempt to save them from extinction and their food supplies from (...)

A row of shanty homes sits atop a sea of garbage on World Environment Day in Manila: The growing world population needs what the planet has to offer in terms of resources now more than ever, but we are using them up and wasting them or polluting them just as quickly. Photograph:  Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images

Humans have done a remarkable job making an unholy mess of the Earth. We consume too much, replace virtually nothing, expend resources recklessly a(...)

Gone wild: the rhododendron thrives in Ireland’s moist air. Illustration: Michael Viney

To travel the shores of Killary Harbour, Connacht’s big fjord, just now is to be bathed from time to time in the rosy glow of Rhododendron ponticum. W(...)

Seabed: would too many oysters spoil the mix of life? Illustration: Michael Viney

Once upon a time, the oysters of Ireland were a native mollusc, thriving in the island’s more sheltered bays. At Clew Bay, in Co Mayo, in the late 180(...)