The Dublin company has just completed the deployment of its technology across 850 devices at 289 beds across three new University of California medical centre units

Oneview Healthcare has raised $7 million (€5.6m) from its largely Australian investors as it looks to scale up the rollout of its patient engagement (...)

Oneview CEO James Fitter and founder Mark McCloskey. Photo: Peter Moloney

Irish software group Oneview Healthcare has won a contract to supply three new hospitals in California. UCFSF Medical Centre, part of th(...)

Oneview CEO James Fitter (left) and founder Mark McCloskey. Photograph: Peter Moloney

Follow the money, goes the maxim, and Irish companies were surely doing that on the high-profile trade mission to the Gulf led by Taoiseach Enda Kenny(...)

It was on an Emirates flight that the idea for Oneview suddenly hit Mark McCloskey – how come he could access 500 channels of entertainment at 36,0(...)