Mark McCloskey: much of his early career was with Denis O’Brien’s Esat Telecom at a time when it was a proving ground for a whole generation of future Irish business leaders.

It all started in hospital, appropriately enough. Recuperating in a four-bed ward after knee surgery, access to the television quickly became an irrit(...)

Oneview Healthcare founder and president Mark McCloskey

Irish medical device company Oneview Healthcare has raised €40 million in a initial public offering on the Australian Stock Market. The St Patrick’s(...)

The Dublin company has just completed the deployment of its technology across 850 devices at 289 beds across three new University of California medical centre units

Oneview Healthcare has raised $7 million (€5.6m) from its largely Australian investors as it looks to scale up the rollout of its patient engagement (...)

Oneview CEO James Fitter and founder Mark McCloskey. Photo: Peter Moloney

Irish software group Oneview Healthcare has won a contract to supply three new hospitals in California. UCFSF Medical Centre, part of th(...)

Oneview CEO James Fitter (left) and founder Mark McCloskey. Photograph: Peter Moloney

Follow the money, goes the maxim, and Irish companies were surely doing that on the high-profile trade mission to the Gulf led by Taoiseach Enda Kenny(...)

It was on an Emirates flight that the idea for Oneview suddenly hit Mark McCloskey – how come he could access 500 channels of entertainment at 36,0(...)