Cherry blossom in bloom in Tokyo. If only the school year was as shortlived. Photograph: Reuters

April in Japan means two things: cherry blossoms and a new school year. If only they could be matched for brevity. As an English teacher(...)

If the flat cap fits:  Michael Healy Rae, who featured in At Home with the Healy Raes. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Two programmes featuring the Healy-Raes in as many months? There must be a notion that the south Kerry political family, or Brand Healy-Rae as they’re(...)

A woman employed as a parliamentary assistant to Independent TD Thomas Pringle has claimed she was unfairly dismissed. Joan Blackbyrne is taking a cas(...)

Long drawn-out: Aidan Gillen and Leila Mimmack in the series Mayday, which was two episodes too long

Perhaps I have watched too many crime dramas, but any time a station radically changes its schedule to make room for a series, I suspect all is(...)