Peter McVerry and his dog Jack who are joined by Smokey for their evening walks. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Catching Fr Peter McVerry for a chat is like jumping on a moving train. There is a window of opportunity in Belfield once he has addressed the UCD St (...)

Amidst the various paintings of aristocrats and hunting dogs in Sheppard’s “Legacy of the Big House” sale is a painting by a quite unexpected artist. (...)

Snowy is short-legged, and when it comes to dog mating, size definitely does matter because it’s difficult, even for an intelligent dog, to arrange a footstool

We had to find a new dog minder to take Snowy, while we were on holidays in the US. Snowy is a Bichon Frise, a small white fluffy lapdog, a species be(...)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that: A. You should never start an essay like this and B. the build-up is always worse than the reality. (Unless(...)