The key is always to be calm in your own responses and to make whatever your daughter wants in the argument dependent on her behaving well.  Photograph: Getty Images

Q My daughter is five and a half. She’s smart, deep and popular with he(...)

When my son plays football, he always wants to be the best and gets into trouble with the coach for never sharing or passing. Photograph:Getty Images

Q My son, who will be six at Christmas, is very competitive and this sometimes causes problems for him. He always wants to win and can be a really bad(...)

The stress of unemployment can drive many young people to drink. Photograph: Getty Images

Q My 22-year-old son moved back in with us about six months ago, mainly because he couldn’t afford to live independently. He dropped out of college tw(...)

Give peas a chance: frequently young children can have a very limited range of preferred foods. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I know what my children should be eating, but my question is how do you actually get them to eat healthy foods? I have two boys aged two and five an(...)