The Scottish referendum result has “neatly set the scene” for St Andrews Mark II talks aimed at resolving the political problems and divisions that are threatening the Northern Executive and Assembly. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

The Scottish referendum result has set the scene for St Andrews Mark II talks aimed at resolving the political problems and divisions that are threate(...)

1998 - Peace settlement talks, Stormont Castle, and the Rev Ian Paisley ..... In whose interest? Photograph: The Irish Times

It is surely ironical that the deluge of eulogies, albeit qualified, heaped upon Ian Paisley came in the same week that First Minister and DUP leader (...)

 The late Ian Paisley (left) with his son Ian Paisley Jnr. The North Antrim MP  said  critics of his father are ‘pygmies in his shadow’. File photograph: : Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ian Paisley’s son has called critics of his father “pygmies in his shadow”.He said his father and the wider family had been hurt by the way some in th(...)

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams TD, signing  the book of condolences for the late Dr Ian Paisley in Belfast City Hall. Photograph: Aidan O’Reilly/Pacemaker Press

The very private funeral of the Rev Ian Paisley took place yesterday in the graveyard of Ballygowan Free Presbyterian Church in Co Down.As the late fi(...)

The coffin of Ian Paisley, the former Democratic Unionist Party leader and first minister of Northern Ireland, is carried to his grave at the Ballygowan Free Presbyterian Church in Ballygowan, Northern Ireland  today. Photograph: Reuters

As the funeral of Ian Paisley was taking place today, political leaders from across the divide paid tribute in the Northern Assembly at Stormont to th(...)

Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness signs the book of condolence for Ian Paisley at Derry’s Guildhall. Photograph: Margaret McLaughlin

Ian Paisley got the full front-page treatment on Northern Ireland’s three main morning newspapers on Saturday.The centre-ground, but fairly unionist, (...)

Former Alliance Party leader: “I am astonished at the collective amnesia that continues to be displayed by many politicians and political commentators on the political legacy of Ian Paisley, which has led to the rewriting of history.”

Former leader of the Alliance Party John Cushnahan has expressed surprise at the reaction by politicians and commentators to the death of Ian Paisley.(...)

Linda Ervine: Ian Paisley was “turned upon” by his own people, “but for the wrong reasons”.  Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Pacemaker.

Ian Paisley was an old man who did a lot of damage, took credit that was due to others and eventually came to realise the damage he had done, Gaeli(...)

Members of the Orange Order march in Edinburgh on Saturday. Photograph: Reuters/Russell Cheyne

Whatever the people of Scotland decide in the knife-edge independence referendum on Thursday, there is a quiet recognition in Northern Ireland that at(...)

Rev Ian Paisley. Photograph: Eric Luke

The private funeral of the Rev Ian Paisley is taking place today in Co Down after a family service at his east Belfast home to be led by his son the (...)