Magnifying glass at the ready to spot the changes on Jaguar’s new XF.

Meet the new boss, sang The Who, same as the old boss. Has Jaguar been dragging some old 12” LPs out of the back of the cupboard while designing the n(...)

XF won’t stray far from the current version’s shape.

The XF, more than any other car, is the car that saved Jaguar. Launched in 2007, into the teeth of the growing financial crisis, at a time when Ford w(...)

E-Type: £1 million price tag

Jaguar has relaunched the original E-Type sports car for a modern-day revival, albeit in the most limited way possible. Back in the 1960s, Jag develop(...)

Jaguar F-Type: looks as glorious in the metal as it does in its photographs 2:32

Several years ago, as Jaguar launched its new XJ, we got a chance to chat with its then chief executive Mike O’Driscoll. Within minutes the talk tu(...)

The newJaguar F-Type Coupe on display at the Geneva motor show

In a suprise turn-up at Geneva, Jaguar has given us our first glimpse at its all-importnant new small saloon. There is no physical car to see o(...)

It feels like we’ve known about Jaguar’s all-new F-Type sports car for a long time now. In fact, the first use of the F-Type name – implying a (...)