“Havana was a European city longer than any other in the western hemisphere and it still shows.” Photograph: Roxana Gonzalez/Getty Images

Brigadier general Alexander O’Reilly, the Dubliner who had quit his country and joined the Flight of the Wild Geese, had a great deal to do on (...)

Nicolas Maduro, the former bus driver who was a close associate of Venezuela's late president Hugo Chávez, was sworn in as president in Caracas on Friday before heads of state and delegations from 27 countries. Photograph: Reuters/Jorge Silva

Diplomatic pressure by the United States government in favour of Henrique Capriles, a prosperous tax lawyer and the failed candidate in the Apr(...)

No one got on well on El Silencio island, certainly not the prisoners nor their children nor their babies taken away from Esma, the torture cen(...)