Anil Dash: the renowned blogger and entrepreneur will be just one of the many speakers addressing the conference in Killarney

Since its inaugural edition in 2012, Úll has become Ireland’s pre-eminent event for Apple- centric designers and developers. Úll attracts high-profile(...)

Horace Dediu’s essay identifies a key characteristic of innovation, with a nod to Steve Jobs. Photograph: Tony Avelar/AFP/Getty Images

“Innovation” is one of those words that, through casual overuse, has come to signify a wide array of distinct concepts – in some sense, the wor(...)

Three separate incidents in the tech world in recent weeks reveal certain larger patterns in company strategies and market sentiment in the sector: a (...)

What can Ernest Hemingway teach us about industrial disruption? The master of terse prose was more concerned with war, pugilism and other overt displa(...)

Everybody thinks they know the difference between a rock and a stone until they have to describe exactly what the difference is. Of course they’re not(...)

Dermot Daly and fellow organiser Paul Campbell have establish Úll as a significant event among the Apple community of developers and designers.

The organisers of the Úll conference, Paul Campbell and Dermot Daly, have confirmed that the Apple-centric developers' event will go ahead again ne(...)