Slyly updated: Thomas Ostermeier’s version of Hedda Gabler for the Schaubühne in 2006. Photograph: Arno Declair/Dublin Theatre Festival

Hedda Gabler doesn’t pass the Bechdel test. Yes, it has more than two significant female roles. Yes, two of those female characters talk to each other(...)

Wallace Shawn and Lisa Joyce

There’s a lot of Scandinavian angst afoot at this festival. A few days after Liv Ullmann’s Irish take on August Strindberg’s Miss Julie we get a muscu(...)

Monologue: Leanne Best as Sal in The Match Box, from 2012, which Frank McGuinness wrote for Liverpool Playhouse
Playing out on stage

The Factory Girls: The play that put McGuinness on the map, back in 1982. Taking its inspiration from the writer’s mother, who worked in a shirt facto(...)

Declan Conlon as the whistle-blowing scientist Dr Stockmann

An Enemy of the People Gate Theatre, Dublin Three stars Late in Henrik Ibsen’s 1882 play about a whistleblower whose town turns violently (...)