“Lean in”, urges corporate queen Sheryl Sandberg (above). Meanwhile, at least one very successful female  has discovered workplace  laziness has major benefits. Photograph: Pascal Lauener/ Reuters

The other day I had a drink with a university friend who is one of the busiest women I know. For years she has been holding down a big job in a big(...)

German soldiers leaving Munich for Paris, 1914. (Photo Agence Rol Bibliothèque nationale de France, dpt. des Estampes et de la photographie)

A field of lush grass and a 3m-high Celtic high-cross in the German countryside are the last clues to a sad chapter of Irish history. A century ago th(...)

Helmuth Johann Ludwig von Moltke (1848-1916 Moltke the Younger) Chief of the German General Staff 1906-1914. Photograph:  Universal History Archive/Getty Images

Helmuth von Moltke’s German army fought for four years. The commander of the armed forces, a key figure in Berlin’s decision to go to war, lasted six (...)

Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia,. Helmuth Von Moltke, German army chief of staff, and Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz on December 8th 1912, after news from London that Britain would not tolerate the crushing of France, Wilhelm met his top military, including both men. At what became known as “the War Council”, Moltke argued in favour of war, “the sooner the better”. Tirpitz argued “the navy would prefer to see the postponement of the great fight for one and a half years”. (Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images)
What will the British do?

‘The influence of the Irish crisis on German policy has generally been underestimated,” Northern Ireland historian ATQ Stewart wrote in his thriller-l(...)