It may be easier to get grades for a college place in Europe, but first-year failure rates are often high. Photograph: Thinkstock

The Central Applications Office is not the only show in town. More and more Irish students are opting to study abroad, especially in mainland Europe. (...)

Studying abroad:   Tilburg University  in the Netherlands

Ultan Hoey was already at rag week at Tilburg University, in the Netherlands, when he received his first-choice CAO offer, of arts at NUI Galway, t(...)

Dubliner Patrick Orr, now studying at University College Utrecht

Increasing numbers of Irish students and their parents are looking beyond Ireland for higher-level education: not just the traditional hop across the (...)

Guy Flouch: “We will help them [students] with applications for up to eight different courses [on the continent].”

With the points for courses such as medicine, dentistry and law climbing inexorably and the cost of attending college in Ireland increasing eac(...)