Katie Taylor has won four Irish titles in previous years, all were secured on walkovers and she has never had to compete in the ring for the title.

More than three years after winning the gold medal in the London Olympic Games, Katie Taylor’s impact on women’s boxing has finally taken eff(...)

The seemingly unstoppable thirst for craft beer will be somewhat sated at the Irish Craft Beer Festival this week, which takes place at the RDS fro(...)

Grainne Walsh: “Our industry is very capital intensive in terms of expenditure on equipment, but banks don’t necessarily recognise the value of any assets that aren’t properties or cars, which is an issue”

In 2011, Grainne Walsh left her job as an IT manager with amazon.com to set up the Metalman craft brewery with her partner Tim Barber in Waterford cit(...)

Gráinne Walsh of Metalman Brewing: “We need to stay focused for now on one main product.”
New innovator: Metalman Brewing

In 2010 Gráinne Walsh was a front-line IT manager with Amazon. com. It was an exciting and fast-paced working environment and, while Walsh was happy t(...)