Restaurant Forty One doesn’t do spontaneity. At least that’s how it feels when I phone at 7pm on a sunny Wednesday and get a recorded message that (...)

 Graham Neville, the chef at Restaurant FortyOne, pictured in a walled garden in Killiney, Co Dublin where much of the award winning restaurant’s food came from. Photograph: Collins Dublin.

Restaurant FortyOne in Dublin city centre dominated this year’s Food and Wine Magazine Restaurant of the Year Awards. The awards, now in their 14th ye(...)

 Graham Neville, head chef at Restaurant FortyOne, collecting produce from the kitchen garden in Killiney

“You think differently when you have a kitchen garden to work with; your inspiration comes from there.” Graham Neville, head chef at Restaurant FortyO(...)

Clodagh Grimley of Mornington Road in Dublin 6 and her husband, Derek Fish, will be VIP guests of executive chef Graham Neville for dinner at R(...)