Danish pianist and composer Simon Toldam has one foot in the European avant-garde and the other in old-school free jazz. His small group work, with(...)

Joel Harrison: Mother Stump
  • Music
  • June 20, 2014, 00:00

Eclectic electric guitarist Joel Harrison pays tribute to the influences that flew at him from every direction in his native Washington DC, a city (...)

“At school in Belfast and at the then small and nascent Queen’s University, her literary and social abilities were quickly noticed. But life during Helen’s twenties was largely fallow as she looked after her stepmother at their modest home in north Belfast, a far cry from the exotica of Tokyo.”

Helen Waddell died almost 50 years ago and her status as an Irish literary superstar in the 1930s is almost forgotten, except in certain academic circ(...)

What is it that makes some streets special and others, maybe just a block away, less so? Is it that the houses are particularly fine and set on(...)

The 100-year-old Galway town hall photograph, which  presents  a ‘who’s who’ of the 1916 Rising

A “who’s who” of Irish revolutionaries is captured in a 1913 photograph taken in Galway – and found in a family attic almost a century later.Half of t(...)

Olivia Durdin Robertson

Olivia Melian Durdin-Robertson, who has died aged 96, was a writer, artist, visionary and priestess of Isis, who through her family’s social and cultu(...)

Wandering US saxophonist and composer Jacob Duncan has preached his Liberation Prophecy in several different incarnations (including one in Texas t(...)

Looking from the James Joyce tower at Sandycove, Co. Dublin, across Dublin bay, the “bowl of bitter waters”, as it is described in Ulysses, to Howth. Photograph: Eric Luke

The week-long festival into which Bloomsday has grown, peaks tomorrow on June 16th – your actual Bloom’s Day itself.At the James Joyce Centre on North(...)