Donnie Campbell and Andrew Murray high in the Namib Dunes. Photograph: Johnny Graham, DigitalPict Photography

There is no doubt that ultra-running medic Andrew Murray is up for a challenge. The doctor has completed an ultra-marathon on each continent in seven (...)

Epic of Everest
Epic of Everest

The phrase “lovingly restored” doesn’t begin to cover this flawless BFI reissue of The Epic of Everest. A compelling documentary record of an ill-star(...)

Paul Gleeson and Denis Barnett on board the boat they intend to attempt the first crossing of the Northwest Passage in the Artic Ocean next month. Due to logistical challenges it was decided to have the boat built in Vancouver by designer and builder Robin Thacker.

The iconic Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen once said that “adventure is just bad planning”. Given that he was the first person to reach the South Po(...)

All mountaineers share values to do with self-reliance, judgment, decision-making and resilience. Nowhere are these more sought than at high al(...)