George Hook has threatened to sue Johnny Sexton over comments made during an ‘Irish Times’ interview. File photograph: ©INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan

Broadcaster and commentator George Hook has threatened to sue Ireland outhalf Johnny Sexton and The Irish Times for defamation over comments made abo(...)

Joe Duffy: for all his ability to read the electorate’s intentions, the Liveline host seems oblivious to voter fatigue

The late American writer Gore Vidal once identified “the four most beautiful words in our common language: ‘I told you so.’ ” Such triumphant self-ass(...)

Ireland outhalf Johnny Sexton: “If they’re talking about my game or criticising me, I don’t get involved. But it’s different when people  say that at the World Cup I was hiding concussion.” Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

On an almost daily basis, it seems, you can’t open a paper, turn on the television, listen to the radio or go online without somebody having an opinio(...)

The election will dominate television and radio over the weekend. File photograph: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Election 2016 is set to dominate television and radio over the course of the weekend, and avid count followers are left with no shortage of options wh(...)

“It’s a day for boot, bite and bollock,” said Ronan O’Gara on the RTÉ panel. Photograph: Anthony Wallace /AFP/Getty Images

For youngsters, John F Kennedy is the man who promotes wind energy on the telly, but for the rest of us he’s the fella who foresaw how many would feel(...)

Political pedigree: Ivan Yates and his fellow Newstalk Breakfast anchor Chris Donoghue

Whenever Enda Kenny does go to the country, it can’t come soon enough for Ivan Yates. The former Fine Gael minister and current cohost of Breakfast (N(...)

Ken Early: his sporty tweets show a rise in the influence rankings

Good news for RTÉ broadcaster Des Cahill, aka @sportsdes: He has retained his position as the most influential journalist on Twitter as judged by the(...)

Joe Schmidt and Ireland captain Rory Best at the launch of the Six Nations. Schmidt has confirmed Johnny Sexton is fully fit for next month’s championship. Photograph: Reuters

Ireland coach Joe Schmidt confirmed that Jonathan Sexton has no lingering concussion issues according to medical opinion arising from the knock he too(...)

The Irish Times, as you can’t fail to have noticed, is not just a newspaper any more. On we have videos, interactive features and a whole host of new digital products.

Every Friday morning I get the lift down – I’ll be walking down from now on, as per my new year’s resolutions – from the fourth floor of Irish Times (...)

Tyson Fury: “Holding him up as some totem of sexism would be like holding the KKK up as the face of race problems in America.” Photograph:  Simon Cooper/PA

Don’t sign that Tyson Fury petition. You have better things to be doing with your day. And if you don’t, it’s not hard to find something. As Malcolm T(...)