Television’s loss was the movies’ gain: James Garner with Julie Andrews in The Americanization of Emily (1964)

When the great James Garner died last weekend, more than a few obituaries unkindly noted that, though huge on television, he had never really burst th(...)

George Clooney might be hot property on the marriage market, but when it comes to shifting magazines in Ireland, he’s not a patch on Marty Whelan. Whe(...)

I’ve thought about this and I’ve decided brunch is the best meal ever invented. The word is brilliant for a start. It was conceived in the late 19th c(...)


Commercial deep-sea divers Petter (Headhunters’ Aksel Hennie) and his brother Knut (Aksel E(...)

We are used to seeing newspaper photographs of a sad-looking Jennifer Aniston. When is the last time you opened the paper and saw a miserable-looking ‘childless George Clooney’. Photograph: Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

A Danish travel agency has come up with an innovative solution to the country’s falling birth rate: hotel-room sex. After rigorous, peer-review(...)

The sculpture of the ‘leopard man’ at the Museum of Central Africa in a suburb of Brussels. Photograph: Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty

Last month, George Clooney was drawn into a cultural debate that has long been a sensitive issue for Britain. Asked during a press conference i(...)

The Monuments Men 2:22

It can’t count as any great recommendation to admit that this torpid drama from George Clooney works as an effective advertisement for the docu(...)

Boulevard Montmartre, Matinée de Printemps,  by Camille Pissarro (est. €12 million) at Sotheby’s.

The industrial-scale looting of art by the Nazis continues to haunt the international art market. Last year, the authorities in Bavaria revealed that (...)

Sally Vincent. Photograph: The Guardian

Sally Vincent, who has died aged 76, was one of the great interviewers of modern British newspapers. In her care, even the most reluctant and media-sh(...)

Pierce Brosnan ad for Sky Ireland

Just because George Clooney does it (for Nespresso), doesn’t make it right. Celebrity-fronted ads just seem that little bit more tragic ever since (...)