Bathing beauty Esther Williams

Back in the day of classic MGM Technicolour musicals, bathing beauty Esther Williams worked elaborate synchronised swimming routines into her films(...)

House guest: Marco Antonio di Biaggi, a flamboyant Brazilian celebrity hairdresser, who stays at the Copacabana Palace every weekend

Ever since Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers flew down to Brazil and tap-danced in the Copacabana Palace, the Rio de Janeiro hotel has been a byword f(...)

That look: Charlotte Rampling in ‘The Sea’

There’s a moment in the new film adaptation of John Banville’s The Sea when suffering, sear(...)

Funny Face

It’s unfair to expect a film released nearly 60 years ago to conform to contemporary standards of equality. But even set against the rife misog(...)

The arrogant, uncaring and reckless attitudes revealed by the testosterone tapes has horrified us all. It’s as if the entire nation has been victimise(...)

Summer brides with deep pockets may be interested in Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding dress, which goes under the hammer at a Christie’s London auctio(...)

Chef Sean Kinsella

Restaurateur Sean Kinsella, best known as proprietor of Mirabeau, has died aged 81. Originally from Cooraclare, Co Clare, Kinsella moved (...)