Kendrick Lamar: has been working away on new music for ages – and is also looking at tour dates for early 2015. But where’s his new album?

It could happen at any time. One moment, you’re sitting there, procrastinating like a pro. The next, your inbox, social-media feeds and news source(...)

There are two Jessie Wares. There’s the one who appears on her records, a woman making beautiful, sophisticated, vulnerable, soulful sounds and pro(...)

Saint Heron

It’s the new new-jack swing. While the wait goes on for Solange Knowles’s big album (the one where she will hopefully show that Losing You was no f(...)

Earl Sweatshirt: Doris

It’s the quiet ones in the Odd Future gang you have to keep an eye on. When the Los Angeles rascals first hit the headlines, all eyes were on Tyler, t(...)

 Brandon Flowers: clean-cut but awesomely energetic

Smile Like You Mean It. The title of one of the Killers hits pretty much summed up Saturday night’s concert in the Phoenix Park, the second in a trilo(...)

Not since 1946 (a vintage year for Irish baseball) have two non-Irish baseball teams battled it out on Irish soil. So batter up at the Baseball Gathering at Corkagh Park near the Red Cow roundabout. And it’s free. Photograph: Reuters/Patrick Bolger

Saturday 07.00 Get up! What’s wrong with you? Don’t you realise that this could be the last time you’ll ever feel warm? Stop checking your w(...)

Jay-Z: Magna Carta

As with all event albums, listeners will strip away the kerfuffle, hoopla and red herrings surrounding the new Jay-Z album before getting to the meat.(...)


When Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Suicidal Tendencies and Red Hot Chili Peppers need virtuoso bass lines for a tune or gig, they call Stephen Bruner. But (...)

Frank Ocean: 10 minutes of heaven

Pop is eating itself – and getting fatter. The average length of a pop song in the 1960s was two minutes and 59 seconds. In this decade the ave(...)

Great outdoors: Kraftwerk, who will perform at Longitude in Marlay Park this summer. Photograph: Peter Boettcher

A packed market for music festivals in Ireland this summer tees up some intriguing battles for audiences as festivals target specific audiences(...)