Ireland from the Air Corps

Could it be that the men and women of the Air Corps have the best views in Ireland? An album they have posted to their Facebook page for the benefi(...)

 Taken in 1975, this is the first of 40 years worth of portraits of the Brown sisters, taken by Nicholas Nixon. They were photographed in this order every year over four decades. From left: Heather (then 23), Mimi (15), Bebe (25), and Laurie   (21)

A remarkable set of prints go to auction in Sotheby’s New York on April 1st when a complete set of The Brown Sisters goes on sale. In August 19(...)

Lights down. Blood on the moon. The screen blows up like a hooker’s Christmas tree during a September power surge. Here’s Rodriguez and Miller hopped (...)

Irish Times Joint Picture Editor David Sleator. 1:40

The sudden death has occurred of award-winning photographer and Irish Times Joint Picture Editor David Sleator. Aged 53, he had been a member of staff(...)

 Douglas Gageby, former editor of The Irish Times, with John Hume in 1992.   Photograph: Joe St Leger

Fifty years ago, The Irish Times published a strong challenge to the nationalist consensus (...)

ALL the pictures in this slot are, frankly, worth a thousand words. But sometimes we come across an image that is so eloquent that there isn’t a lo(...)

Mesmerizing Eyes: Pawel Pentlinowski’s photograph came sixth in the portrait category last year

After last year’s hugely successful inaugural competition, when more than 10,000 photographs were entered, the Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the(...)

Protesters hold up images during a demonstration in front of the Syrian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, yesterday. Syrians living in Bulgaria had gathered  to protest against a suspected chemical weapons attack in Damascus. Photograph: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

The attack in Ghouta in eastern Damascus that reportedly claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people on Wednesday will most likely be recorded as one (...)

Once upon a time there was a faraway land called the North, where the only tourists from the South were Provos and press photographers and reporters. (...)