The three-judge Supreme Court has made a number of general recommendations concerning the presentation of division of assets in complex contested marital proceedings so as to avoid those resources being reduced through costs in various legal challenges. File photograph: Collins

The ex-wife of a farmer is to get an extra €52,000, bringing her lump sum payment to €900,000, following a Supreme Court decision on a long-running di(...)

Mary Stokes:   said her son John did not  meet the criterion of having a father or brother in the school, as he was the oldest in his family and his father had not attended the school. Following a lottery process, John was not admitted and instead went to another school. Photograph: Collins/Courts.

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal arising out of a secondary school’s refusal to enrol a teenage boy from the Traveller community. In proceed(...)

Woodlands Park is an unexpected oasis of calm between the two heaving arteries of the N11 and the Rock Road that daily ferry suburban commuters to (...)

In proceedings taken by an Irish woman divorced in England, the five-judge court ruled, by four to one, that Irish law does not recognise the validity of a foreign divorce lawfully granted before October 1986 in certain cases

The Supreme Court has called for legislation to enable a uniform approach to recognition of foreign divorces. It follows a ruling that Irish law does (...)

Gerard Killally: High Court had decided his exit from bankruptcy should be postponed for a year arising out of his conviction for stealing €18,000 worth of refrigeration equipment from his bankrupt estate. Photograph: Garrett White/Collins Court

Former Fianna Fáil politician Gerard Killally has lost his appeal against a decision extending his term of bankruptcy for a year because of a convicti(...)

 The Supreme Court sitting last month: judges are wary of setting down principles, based on single, potentially unrepresentative cases. Photograph: Collins Courts.

Judges tend to be gentle in their criticism of politicians. When they do let their disapproval show, the admonishment tends to be couched in such poli(...)

Legal practice is trying desperately to keep up with changing technology. This is especially true in the area of legal discovery – so much so that th(...)

It may pass largely unnoticed, stirring the passions of only the most ardent followers of arcane constitutional protocol, but tomorrow someone in Gove(...)

 Gerry McCaughey: his  Century Homes company was taken over by Kingspan.

Century Homes founder Gerard McCaughey is entitled to a full hearing of his claim he is not yet liable to repay a loan advanced to him by Anglo Irish (...)

The Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed a bid by John Gilligan and his family for public funding for a forensic accountants report for use in marathon litigation aimed at reversing the seizure of their properties by the Criminal Assets Bureau. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire.

The Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed a bid by John Gilligan and his family for public funding for a forensic accountants report for use in mara(...)