Fr Frank Browne in Venice in 1904 and photographed by Fr Michael Garahy in1939

Sun-wrought with magic of the skies The image fair before me lies: Deep-vaulted brain and sparkling eyes And lip’s fine chiselling. O mirac(...)

Irish Guards with a wounded man in a trench in Wytschaete, Belgium. Photograph: Fr Browne.

It was just after Christmas 1916 when Fr Frank Browne wrote from the front in Flanders to his Jesuit provincial in Ireland. “On St Stephen’s Day the m(...)

Something positive seems to be happening in the property market, with recent data showing prices are stabilising across the State. Nobody, not even es(...)

How can past errors of economic judgement made by government, banks and property investors, whose actions helped to inflate a property boom, be avoide(...)

Economists say  the collapse of the property market since 2007 may have led house prices to undershoot fair values. In a research technical paper, they state that prices “are back to levels consistent with or below long-run equilibrium values”.

The rate of capital gains tax should be indexed to increases in house prices as part of efforts to prevent another property bubble, economists at t(...)

Magdalene nuns speak out

Sir, – It was important to hear the views of the nuns who worked in the Magdalene laundries (Patsy McGarry, Front page, March 8th). Having list(...)