A Grimaldi lines ship sails in front of the cruise liner Costa Concordia during the refloat operation at Giglio Island. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/ Reuters

From a distance, she looks like a huge patched-up travel trunk that someone has dumped in the sea. Up close, it is difficult to be sure that she is ac(...)

A salvage worker (left) washes the front deck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship today  during its refloating operation at Giglio harbour. The  hulk  is nearly ready to be towed away from the Italian island where it struck a rock and capsized two-and-a-half years ago, killing 32 people. Photograph: Reuters

“This time tomorrow for sure, we’ll be ready to go...We had a bit of a rough night (bad weather) but we’re still there, the ship is higher in the wate(...)

A wrecked police car is recovered from a split in a bridge caused by torrential rains in Sardinia. A policeman escorting an ambulance died when the car was submerged as the bridge collapsed. Photograph: Italian Police/AP

At least 18 people died and a further 2,700 were left homeless in Sardinia yesterday after the Mediterranean island was hit by an autumn storm of u(...)

The capsized Costa Concordia rises very slowly towards the upright position today. Photograph: Tony Gentile/Reuters

The massive operation to right the huge luxury cruise liner the Costa Concordia off the Italian coast began slowly today. The liner inched slowly off(...)