Researchers at Galway university hospital followed up 118 morbidly obese patients after gastric bypass surgery and found long-term health benefits.  File photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Thousands of Irish patients could have their life expectancy significantly increased and chronic diseases reversed following obesity surgery, new rese(...)

The average Irish 14-year-old boy is 65 per cent heavier than he was in 1948, a conference on obesity heard. Though they are also on average 17cms (5.(...)

“People in the developed world should not die because of bad nutrition. Obesity is a time bomb we can defuse.” Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

It is a shocking admission: we stand to be the first generation who will bury our children. Many members of Irish families will die prematurely due to(...)

Martin Foudy: ‘I couldn’t look in a mirror because I did not want to see what was in front of me. ’

I was always heavy, the kind of person who loved food and had a very sweet tooth. My weight was always a bit of an issue but after the break-up of my(...)

Dr Ger Flaherty (centre) and third-year medicine student Tariq Esmail (right) with speakers at the TedMed Live event at NUI Galway. photograph: aengus mcmahon

What do you get when you cross the Prince of Darkness with a medical conference? You get TedMed: an event in which innovation, imagination and (...)