Louise O’Keeffe, who was sexually abused by her teacher Leo Hickey at Dunderrow National School in West Cork in the 1970s, successfully brought her case to the European Court of Human Rights last year after the Supreme Court had ruled  Ireland was not liable for the abuse. Photograph: Garrett White/Collins court

Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan will report to the Dáil in the autumn on a review of cases brought on foot of the O’Keeffe judgement by people w(...)

A range of moves are afoot to help improve the situation involving medical malpractice. Photograph: Getty Images

High Court judges tend to choose their words carefully, so when Ms Justice Mary Irvine pointedly criticised the State for its approach to medical negl(...)

The State Claims Agency has strongly defended its handling of recent cases involving compensation. Photograph:  Leonhard Foeger/Reuters

The State Claims Agency, the organisation that manages personal injury and property damage claims against the State, tends to go about its work quietl(...)

A more candid approach by doctors to the defence of medical negligence claims would speed up claims and reduce the costs involved, to the benefit of b(...)

Natasha Lynch: "When I first set up the business, the biggest challenge was people taking me seriously as I was so young."

What distinguishes your business from competitors?We have a very student-focused programme. I started the business at 23, straight out of college, so (...)