A white swallow at Tacumshin from a photograph by Eric Dempsey. Illustration: Michael Viney

If I were going there this weekend – and I’m sorry I’m not, it’s too far – we would end up taking the road from Wexford to Kilmore Quay and then, a(...)

Off course: gales bring migrants within telescope range. Illustration: Michael Viney

It is usually enough for me to write about the weather to have it change utterly by the time the column appears. So it may be right to share a website(...)

Eric Dempsey: “I wanted to capture the influence of my wonderful parents, the Finglas of the 1960s and ’70s, and the days of travel, where I followed my dreams and experienced so many wonderful birds”

“Here…come look at the birds.” It’s a dull, wet day as I look out the window into our garden in Wicklow. Where has the sun gone? Yesterday was such a (...)

On call: the BirdSongID app

In recent days, I have noticed flurries of small twigs, moss, and strands of pampas grass being dropped on a particular part of my decking. Since the (...)

 Greg Kenny at Fit4less in Tallaght, Co Dublin.  Photograph: Eric Luke

There’s a bunch of bananas ripening on the countertop, pristine Wicklow walkways just outside the front door and a home gym in the converted garden sh(...)