The Crystal Hall arena in Baku, Azerbaijan, the venue of several sports competitions of the 2015 European Games. Photograph: EPA.

Some sporting venues have to be seen to be believed. Others are simply unbelievable. And then there’s Crystal Hall. It appears like something of a mir(...)

BBC sports commentator David Coleman at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground for the first division game with Sheffield United. The veteran broadcaster has died at the age of 87, the BBC has announced. Photograph: BBC/PA

David Coleman, a dominant voice of British television sport for almost four decades, has died at the age of 87, leaving a generation of football and a(...)

Seán Hehir has that winning feeling in  the Airtricity Dublin Marathon. Photograph:  Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Emil Zatopek always said the marathon begins around 20 miles. Sometimes that’s also where it ends. Here, it was where the race for victory was both wo(...)

I occasionally jog. Actually it’s more of a 10 -minute-mile shuffle to maintain the delu(...)