Loop Line bridge. Bryan O’Brien.

It is somewhat unfortunate that the first bridge to greet sea-borne visitors to Dublin should also be the city’s ugliest. A grim monument to the grim (...)

The east side of O’Connell Street, Dublin, looking north towards the Spire. Photograph: Alan Betson

We are all familiar, especially in this centenary year, with those striking black-and-white photographs showing the devastation of Dublin city centre(...)

There are many ways of being in India. At Agra Fort, an American girl with henna tattoos and flowing scarves was bargaining with the toilet attendant(...)

Fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will be interested to hear that the Bloomsbury Hotel in London is offering a Sherlock Holmes package where guests ca(...)

Lambay Castle: the 16th-century property was extended by Edwin Lutyens

A family row has arisen over plans to install an en-suite bathroom in the guest wing of Lambay Castle, designed by renowned architect Sir Edwin Lutye(...)

 The restored Irish National War Memorial Gardens at Islandbridge, Dublin. Photographs: Richard Johnston

I’ve never fully understood why the Irish National War Memorial Gardens aren’t better known. Perhaps it’s a simple case of both geography and topograp(...)

Last time Strathmore came on the market for sale it caused quite the international incident. At the time the stately Victorian home on nine acres o(...)

Changing times: photographs from Dublin City Council’s new website bridgesofdublin.ie: O’Connell Bridge in 1905; after Easter Week, 1916; and in 2013. Photograph courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Many a pub quiz has descended into disarray over this question: how many bridges span the River Liffey in Dublin? The answer, according the Dub(...)

A bench by John Bielenberg based on a painting by Neil Shawcross. Photograph: Richard Johnston
Seat success

What a wonderful summer it’s been for sitting outdoors, savouring the almost forgotten feeling of warm sunlight on our faces. But the next time you se(...)

Lambay Castle and other buildings  onLambay Island were  designed or remodelled by renowned English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens

A row has broken out among the extended Baring family over plans to upgrade Lambay Castle and other buildings – designed or remodelled by renowned Eng(...)