Dr DiNicolantonio argues that foods such as butter, cream and cheese have been “demonised” since the 1950s

Diets low on saturated fats do not curb heart disease, or help people to live longer, according to a leading US heart expert, who argues that foods(...)

Cars traveling  past The Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas in Dealey Plaza  this month. Photograph: Reuters
Dallas Now: Trying to Forget
  • People
  • November 22, 2013, 01:00

Everyone who visits me in Dallas wants to check out the place I’ve come to take for granted. “Can we go see the Grassy Knoll?” I already see it severa(...)

Helmut Kohl and Konrad Adenauer in 1967. Photograph: Reuters

The roots of modern German politics don’t lie in the sandy soil of Berlin but in a white house on a hill in Rhöndorf, a pretty village across the Rhin(...)

Modern movement conservatism in the US, which transformed the Republican Party (GOP) from the moderate party of Dwight Eisenhower into the radi(...)