The fountains of the Bellagio light up in the middle of the Las Vegas strip

For much of the summer, I flitted in and out of the United States. I revisited some favourite cities and discovered some new ones. I love America m(...)

Kenneth Killeen: ‘In the case of Whiplash, which reinforces the stereotypical view of jazz, that’s not good’

In the ever-bulging calendar of festivals offering musical gratification, a unique programme is likely to grab the attention. So you would imagine (...)

In any other year, Birdman would – with its unavoidable percussive score – win the Oscar for most drumming in a dramatic feature. This season we ar(...)

A Christmas album from Swedish trombonist Nils Landgren and his friends isn’t quite an annual tradition – it just feels that way. Prolific(...)

Charles Lloyd: ‘I wouldn’t be out here on the road if I didn’t feel younger than springtime in the music.’ Photograph: Douglas Mason/Getty Images

Charles Lloyd’s grandfather never entered a house by the back door, and that seems to explain something elusive about the way his grandson plays th(...)

Cornetist Kirk Knuffke and pianist Jesse Stacken have a habit of tackling composers one at a time. The long-standing duo’s early performances featu(...)

The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble
Review: 12 Points day three
  • Music
  • April 13, 2014, 16:00

Alexander Hawkins; Herd Trio; Violet Spin; Marcin Masecki; Alarmist; The More Socially Relevant Jazz Mus(...)

Abdullah Ibrahim: Mukashi
  • Music
  • January 17, 2014, 00:00

As he enters his 80th year, Abdullah Ibrahim appears to be taking stock. The legendary Cape Town pianist can look back on a long and eventful life,(...)

Ahmad Jamal: ‘There’s no such thing as old music. It’s either good or bad. They’re still playing Debussy’s Clair de Lune. How old is that?’ Photograph: JB Millot

Ahmad Jamal wears his “living legend” tag lightly. One of the most celebrated pianists in American music for the better part of six decades, he is cit(...)

Musician, solicitor, radio presenter, railway conservationist, ornithologist – no single word is sufficient to describe Charles “Chas” Meredith, who h(...)