A costume of Star Wars character Savage Opress, by Order 66 Creatures and Effects 4:18

It’s known as “cosplay”, and a small studio in Spiddal, Co Galway, has become an international hub for it. Whether it’s Wonder Woman, Batman or Dar(...)

Drawing on early memories is proving to be very effective in clinical trials.

A “Dr Who” approach to engaging with people with dementia can have a marked impact on their quality of life, according to research led by NUI Galway (...)

Caitlin Moran’s new book  How to Build a Girl is about the uncertainties experienced by girls growing up. 3:43

Caitlin Moran has described how the teenage protagonist of her new book How to Build a Girl is based on fellow writer Julie Burchill and is someone(...)

Did Dr Who borrow one of its key memes from the papacy? For those unfamiliar with the flag(...)