Gen Douglas Haig: “The new British army is not merely a huge host of brave men, animated with a splendid purpose; it is a miracle of organisation and forethought.”

  March 15th, 1916 Irish Times editorial – “The British army in France is ‘in good health and good heart, and confident of victory’.” This(...)

“The health of the Emperor of Austria [Franz-Joseph, pictured] is ‘giving rise to grave anxiety’.”

  January 27th, 1916 The Commons hears of the execution in France of Private L Hope of the 2nd Leinster Regiment, for “desertion”. “It is we(...)

Col Eugene Ryan, Haig’s personal physician, who’s memoir, Haig’s Medical Officer, gives a fascinating account of the war and an intimate portrayal of Haig

Few historical figures were so revered in life yet vilified after their death than Douglas Haig, the commander-in-chief of the British Army during the(...)

The Great War, by Peter Hart
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  • June 15, 2013, 01:00

Despite the lack of a subtitle, Peter Hart has written a military history, and a very good one it is. Brisk in style, and supported by vivid extracts (...)