Former Waterford Crystal workers and their representatives are due great credit for their persistence in the face of the indifference of successive governments to their plight. Photograph: Eric Luke

It was the ultimate blue-chip investment, a must in every sensible Irish portfolio. But even its storied history and the marketing genius of Anthon(...)

If any tax liability did emerge in relation to the ‘gift’ of rent-free accommodation, it would essentially be a charge against your daughter

I have an apartment which has been rented out for the last seven years. Now my daughter is moving in to it. She will pay all expenses due on the apart(...)

 Gallahers has been owned by JTI since 2007.  Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

The recent death of the man most associated with Ballymena, Ian Paisley, ended a political epoch. The impending death of one of the north Antrim town’(...)

Sparked by your recent article, I have a very simple query that might need a very complex answer (and you may have dealt with it before), but have you(...)

People who failed to express their preference to have the payment of €1.24 per old Vodafone share treated as capital will face bills for income tax, universal social charge and PRSI – ranging from 26 per cent to 55 per cent of the Vodafone money. Photograph: Chris Ison/PA Wire

A Vodafone shareholder who challenged Computershare’s assertion that details of his preferences in relation to its €80 billion(...)

Maybe you might give us long suffering shareholders a little advice on filling up the Vodafone-Verizon form(s). The Vodafone circular is very complex,(...)

I hold a bundle of shares in Irish and British companies. I started many years ago acquiring these shares and utilised Sharewatch, which, through vari(...)

Two years ago I ceased paying contributions to a PRSA scheme. This decision was made on the back of a fairly significant salary cut that I suffered. F(...)

In 2008, my husband and I took out a joint mortgage with ICS Building Society. We weren’t bothered by the closure of their Mortgage Store outlets shor(...)

The idea started when Pablo Legorreta came across an innovative scheme pioneered by Paine Webber bankers.

It may be Dublin-based, but Royalty Pharma was unknown even here until it announced its interest in acquiring Elan, Ireland’s largest indigenous pharm(...)