Protesters take cover from Venezuelan security forces during an anti-government demonstration. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images

A National Guardsmen and a civilian were killed after a group of men on motorcycles rode into an east Caracas district to remove a street barri(...)

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez rallies supporters before surrendering to police in Caracas, Venezuela, on Tuesday. Lopez, a former mayor of a wealthy section of Caracas, faces charges of inciting violence during protests against the 10-month-old government of Nicolas Maduro. Photograph: Meridith Kohut/The New York Times

Imprisoned protest leader Leopoldo Lopez urged supporters to keep fighting for the departure of Venezuela’s socialist government, even as he wa(...)

Venezuela’s president-elect Nicolas Maduro holds up a photograph of Jose Luis Ponce, a supporter killed on Monday's post-election street violence. Photograph: Marcelo Garcia/Reuters

With Venezuela’s opposition still refusing to recognise the results of Sunday’s presidential election,(...)

Supporters of opposition leader Henrique Capriles face off against riot police as they demonstrated for a recount of the votes in Sunday's election, in Caracas, yesterday. Photograph: Christian Veron/Reuters

Venezuelan president-elect Nicolas Maduro claimed today that opposition leaders who have called for protests following Sunday's presidential el(...)