Dead significant: although Homo naledi were highly primitive and animal-like, they used an underground burial tomb. Photograph: Mark Thiessen/National Geographic/AFP

Who is the monkey man I saw a lot of pictures of this week? The discovery of a new species of early human always produces plenty of coverage, and this(...)

Horizon 2020, the EU’s research budget,  has billions of euro available to support research taking place in our higher education institutions and in private sector companies

Is there anything as annoying as getting those stupid emails where you are promised millions if you send an initial few thousand euro to help free up (...)

Tuskar Lighthouse: many of the technology and engineering challenges of wave, tidal and offshore wind are likely to have been overcome, and we will have offshore “farms” where energy is harvested from the seas around us

What will Ireland’s energy mix look like in 2050? How will we deal by then with the three issues that dominate energy supply today: cost; security of (...)

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the subject of the Rosetta satellite mission. Research papers based on the mission’s findings thus far have been published. Photograph: ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS

The long-standing “dirty snowball” description of a comet can now be updated - a bit more of the dirty and a lot less of the snow.Already outstandingl(...)

Sir, – Dick Ahlstrom’s article on “smart cities” (Mar 27th) rightly points out that it is giant technology companies who are mainly pushing thi(...)

Who runs Ireland?

THE POLITICIANS ENDA KENNY Taoiseach Kenny holds the most powerful political position in the land. He is chief of the Cabinet, has the f(...)

Queen’s University Belfast

Northern Ireland researchers will now be able to participate directly in projects supported by Science Foundation Ireland. The “Investigators Programm(...)

Minister for Education and Skills Ruairí Quinn said he would expect applications to come in before the end of the year. Photograph: The Irish Times

Applications to become Ireland’s first technological university could reach the Department of Education as early as the end of the year. Legislation s(...)

Apollo 16: carried lunar experiment devised by Irish scientists

A small part of the 1960s space race will soon go on display in Ireland, an experiment that flew to the moon in April 1972 with Apollo 16. Irish scien(...)

15-year-old Caelen Feller developed software that looks to improve search engines

We all use search engines when surfing the internet, but few of us know what these engines do. Caelen Feller knows, and also knows how to improve them(...)