William Shakespeare: in certain circles, the Bard of Avon’s impending 400th will provoke conflict

The centenary of the Rising will not be the only anniversary to provoke contention this coming April. In 1916, Easter Week coincided with the tercente(...)

We could forgive Nicole Kidman for coming across like a mildly ambulatory waxwork in this already notorious hagiography if she were, at least, coming (...)

For the first two scenes of Olivier Dahan’s peculiar hagiography of Princess Grace, the director shoots his heroine from the rear. Nicole Kidman manag(...)

 Under Offer: Estate Agents on the Job     Photographer: Mark Johnson

‘You’d get a better response if you said you’re a mass murderer,” says one of the estate agents in Under Offer: Es(...)

Sally Vincent. Photograph: The Guardian

Sally Vincent, who has died aged 76, was one of the great interviewers of modern British newspapers. In her care, even the most reluctant and media-sh(...)

All together now: the Hayes family in Kildare

If there was one thing the four houses on Crowded House (RTÉ One, Monday) weren’t, it was crowded. They were all very co(...)