HBOS, which owned Halifax, was eventually taken over by Lloyds Photograph: Reuters

As many as 10 former HBOS executives could be banned from working in the UK financial services industry, following recommendations to re-open investig(...)

UK business secretary Vince Cable has asked officials to look at evidence against three former directors of HBOS as the first part of the process required to strip people of access to company directorships. Photograph: David Sleator

UK business secretary Vince Cable is studying whether three former directors of HBOS can be banned from serving as company directors after bein(...)

The British Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards report said estimated impairments in Ireland between 2008 and 2011 totalled £10.9 billion,equivalent to 36 per cent of Halifax’s loan book at the end of 2008. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Bailed-out British lender HBOS was so badly run it would have failed even without the 2008 financial crisis and the regulator should consider b(...)