The revelation of a complete lack of applications for hospital consultant posts across a range of specialties in 2013 will come as a surprise to many.(...)

Departing doctors

The revelation that mid-career senior hospital consultants are leaving the State at the rate of three a month due to deteriorating work conditions wil(...)

Ian Carter, the HSE’s director of acute services: warned of further dysfunction if the Government kept taking money out of the system. Photograph: Dave Meehan.

Hospital consultants are emigrating at the rate of three a month because of deteriorating working conditions, lower pay and “unrelenting” budget cuts,(...)

Dr Denis Evoy, president of IHCA , addressing the association’s annual conference in Maynooth on Saturday. Photograph: Dave Meehan

The death of Savita Halappanavar was a great disaster not only for her family but also for the obstetrician who treated her, according to the presiden(...)

The Irish Hospital Consultants’ Association says a deterioration in working conditions has forced some of the country’s best consultants to leave the country and seek work overseas. Photograph: Patrick T Fallon/Bloomberg

Hospital consultants have warned of a medical brain drain created by deteriorating hospital working conditions and “unrelenting” budget cuts.The Irish(...)

Denis Evoy, president of the Irish Hospital Consultants Association. The IHCA said there was “significant scope to reduce the number of staff employed in management and administration”. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Hospital consultants have said there is significant scope for the Government to reduce the number of administrative and management staff in the health(...)