Castlebar, Co Mayo. At a US function this week Opensparkz announced it planned to create up to 250 jobs in the town over three years

Investors seeking the return of up to €1.9 million are threatening to wind up two companies run by the businessman behind a high-profile 250 jobs pla(...)

Between 2006 and 2012, two companies established by Declan  Conway, Pronanotect and Spearpoint Holdings, raised a total of €1.9 million from investors

Shareholders in two Business Expansion Scheme (BES) companies run by businessman Declan Conway have written to him demanding to know why almost €1.6 m(...)

The Chartered Accountants’ Regulatory Board reprimanded Whelan Dowling Associates and fined it €850, with €2,000 costs, for failing to comply properly with financial reporting standards governing transactions with related parties when it audited Pronanotect’s 2010 accounts.

Regulators have fined and reprimanded accountancy firm Whelan Dowling Associates for failing to comply properly with financial reporting standards (...)

Pronanotect raised €1 million from business expansion scheme investors in 2009 and 2010, but the Revenue Commissioners have yet to approve it for business expansion scheme tax relief. Photograph: Joe St Leger

A clean technology company supported by up to €1 million in business expansion scheme investors’ money faces the prospect of being struck off a(...)