Martin McGuinness: claimed any deaths of civilians in IRA operations were due to “mistakes”. Photograph: PA

‘Obviously people will have their own interpretation of that” was one of the starker lines delivered by Martin McGuinness during a debate at the Oxfor(...)

Understanding the change in Ian Paisley has thrown even the most astute commentators off course. How did the demagogue whose constant rant was: “Never(...)

True blue: Margaret Thatcher, photographed in 1981, came across as the ultimate conviction politician. Photograph: ITV/Rex Features
Thatcher’s Irish eyes
  • UK
  • April 13, 2013, 06:00

The sight of Margaret Thatcher’s blazing and unblinking eyes, filmed in 1981 and televised again this week, brought it all back again as she v(...)

Peace wall on Cupar Street, off Shankill Road in Belfast. Photograph: David Sleator

Northern Ireland is an incomparably better place now than when the Belfast Agreement came into being exactly 15 years ago. There is far less vi(...)