The Mark and the Void: “By the end of reading William D Cohan’s House of Cards you feel like you’ve been trapped in a lift with six Monty Burnses,” says Paul Murray. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Most people loved Paul Murray’s novel Skippy Dies. The energy of its cast of impulsive adolescents, the exuberant detail of its school setting, the fi(...)

“All of those clichés about innovation and creativity are actually spot on ... We need to embrace chaos, we need more risk-takers. None of this is amenable to centralised direction or control.”

Inequality and robots are making a lot of headlines. Various academics, Oxfam, the IMF and the World Economic Forum at Davos have all warned that grow(...)

We’ve all been there, sitting in an overheated conference room, halfway through your seventh consecutive meeting about some upcoming meeting, when it suddenly dawns on you that the whole thing is a giant Ponzi scheme. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

One of the few remaining advantages of my job – now that the bright future, the long lunches and the veneer of glamour have all been stripped away – i(...)