‘Errors can’t always be undone. For those of privilege, this is always a revelation.” Twenty-nine-year old creative writing student Ed is a modern-day(...)

Marlon James: has become the first Jamaican writer to carry off the award – with   his third work. Photograph: PA

There is nothing brief about this year’s winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction; nor is there the death count anywhere as low as the title suggest(...)

David Foster Wallace: has, since his death in 2008, been roundly recognised as one of the most brilliant writers of his generation. His influence has been acknowledged by  Dave Eggers, Jennifer Egan and Zadie Smith as well as by writers closer to home like Paul Murray and Colin Barrett. Photograph:  Giovanni Giovannetti - Effigie

David Foster Wallace has, since his death in 2008, been roundly recognised as one of the most brilliant writers of his generation. His influence ha(...)

Students enjoy activities such as rock climbing and fuuzball at DIT freshers’ week. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Freshers of 2014, wear sunscreen. The Baz Luhrmann song says it best, as does David Foster Wallace’s This is Water. But you probably heard enough advi(...)

Miriam Toews: spent 18 years in a small, Mennonite town in the middle of the Canadian prairies

Miriam Toews is a Canadian writer. She won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction for her novel, A Complicated Kindness, and the Rogers Writers’ Tru(...)

Chris Pavone: Books are for readers, and chances are fairly high that they don’t care about you, even a tiny bit. They want to be entertained or educated or seduced or terrified or blown away by the beauty of a spectacular sentence, and their desires are probably not going to be satisfied with 115,000 words about your teenage angst.
Brought to book: Chris Pavone
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  • March 20, 2014, 15:36

Chris Pavone follows the success of his first novel, The Expats, a Kindle number one bestseller and a Sunday Times top 10 bestseller, with The Acci(...)

 Know your art from your elbow: graffiti by Sums at this year’s Bridge Jam street-art festival in Drogheda, Co Louth

You can coast through school on a diet of whatever you’re told and what your friends like, but college is different. Now you have to be a cultural (...)

Jonathan Dee: “There seems to be the faint ghost of a religious ceremony that hovers over this very secular ritual.” Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

WE know the drill. Famous person makes public boo-boo, followed by even more public apology. There is humiliation. There is tut-tutting. There may eve(...)