Judge Carroll Moran said: “In Limerick you can walk O’Connell Street and the side streets in comparative safety. The same cannot be said about the similarly named street in Dublin.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Limerick’s reputation as a criminally violent city is ill deserved, a newly appointed High Court Judge has said.Speaking on his last day at Limerick C(...)

Chloe Kinsella (15): she was last seen wearing a white top, shorts and black tights. She may  also have been wearing a pink pyjama bottoms with black Ugg boots and a pink hoody

Searches for a missing 15-year-old Limerick girl were intensified yesterday.Chloe Kinsella was last seen on Saturday when she arrived home to Kenyon (...)

John Dundon’s solicitor John Devane outside the Special Criminal Court yesterday. He said his client wore  headphones in court to avoid hearing what he believed would be a “tissue of lies” against him, as he vehemently insists he is innocent. Photograph:  Eric Luke

If you look at investigating officers at the end of a major murder trial, you see the tension evaporate from their faces at the moment of conviction. (...)