A bad move for Ireland

Britain’s vote on EU membership creates uncertainty for Ireland and the possibility of a British exit – Brexit – is a cause for concern, with many of (...)

Three key issues: the non-trickle-down effect, spending versus saving, and who’s first in the queue are all up for debate. Illustration: CSA/Vetta/Getty

So if someone were to take €6,500 from you and offer you, say, €1,500 back over the next few years, how would you feel? Furious because of what you(...)

 Minister Ged Nash said a recent survey by employers’ group Ibec had indicated that 57 per cent of companies planned to increase basic pay this year. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

The trend for pay increases in many parts of the economy is expected to continue, the Minister for Business and Employment Ged Nash has said.He said a(...)

Ibec chief executive Danny McCoy: he is to call on the Government to further reduce income tax at the next budget and to invest heavily in infrastructure. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Business has no interest in a return to one-size-fits-all national pay agreements, the head of the employers group Ibec is expected to state today.In(...)

Ibec chief executive Danny McCoy: many companies “remain in survival mode” and cannot afford pay rises. Photograph: Peter Thursfield

Pay rises are back on the agenda for 2015, as up to 57 per cent of companies plan to increase their employees’ salary levels this year, according to (...)

John Hartnett: fired  off a few home truths

John Hartnett, the effective lord mayor of the Irish-American tech glitterati, fired off a few home truths in the Doubletree hotel in Dublin on Wednes(...)

Ibec chief executive Danny McCoy:  “I’ve no doubt wage pressures are coming”. Photograph: Eric Luke

The head of employers’ group Ibec and the country’s biggest trade union have said they expect significant wage pressure to emerge next year, particula(...)

Ibec chief executive Danny McCoy said the organisation  saw international moves to overhaul global tax rules as an opportunity for Ireland and that it “wouldn’t lament the closing of the double Irish”.

The Government should take pre-emptive steps to close off tax loopholes like the “double Irish” rather than waiting for the conclusion of the OECD rev(...)

Ibec chief executive Danny McCoy: “We have an opportunity to put fresh momentum behind Ireland’s recovery. Now is the time to draw a line under the period of painful austerity.” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The Government does not need spending cuts or tax hikes to reach next year’s budget deficit target, according to business and employers’ group, Ibec.H(...)

 Martin Naughton:  did the honours for Ireland Day. Photograph: Alan Betson

Business & Finance publisher Ian Hyland got luckier with his timing this year(...)