John O’Halloran and Michael King during the procession at their ordination at Galway Cathedral yesterday. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Two new priests will say their first Masses this evening after being ordained in Galway yesterday afternoon. And with a third priest to be ordained (...)

Average investors are being victimised by the fact that it’s legal for some people - high frequency traders -  to get advance news on prices and what investors are doing, Michael Lewis claims in his new book “Flash Boys”. Photograph: Jonathan Fickies/Bloomberg

The US stock market is a rigged game where high-frequency traders with advanced computers make tens of billions of dollars by jumping in front (...)

Daniel Gallagher, one of two Republican commissioners at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, said regulatory change has been “pretty intense” over the last three years in response to the financial crisis and that this should be reviewed before further regulations are introduced.

Ireland may have over-corrected how it regulates banks and financial services firms and should be “very careful” with further (...)